Chapter 6

The city had been burning incessantly for days before the fires began to dwindle and the scale of the actual carnage could be seen. The loss had indeed been great. Charred remains of the living were still somewhat vivified with the ambers of the dying flames, while the sky was covered with a dark cloud of ash.

Thus after the flames had had their way, the face of the sun was now hidden from the land by an ash cloud, which heralded a time of darkness and an untimely winter! The entire landscape was now covered with a layer of grey, while the air had become a thick curtain of ash and snow restricting the view to only a few feet.

The handful who had survived the raid, questioned their fortunes as they breathed in the dense cold mist which still reeked of blood and smoke, and walked through the streets covered with the butchered and battered remains of their loved ones. Their blank stares screamed aloud whether it was worth living now?

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  1. Can’t wait… can’t wait .. when is the release????

  2. Coming Soon 🙂

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