Chapter 5

“My brothers! My sisters! Sons and daughters of Cerenia”, he called out. “The day we’d thought we’d never see is now at hand. All that we have lived for, and for which those before us died, now may be snatched away from us forever” he said.

Though there could be seen a hint of remorse in his eyes, the general kept his head together and continued to address his people, “In the past, we have faced enemies in all forms. Oppressors, betrayers, and even forces beyond our understanding. However, our fathers stood this very ground unperturbed and stared right in the face of every adversary.”

“Today, let’s remember their legacy and together break these chains of inhibitions, and stand this ground. Let us do away with every venomous blot that drains us of our will to live. For it matters not whether we live or die, but what we choose to do now.”

At this the men of Cerenia picked themselves up, took hold of their swords and their shields. They let out a cry in unison, which bore witness to the sheer spirit of defiance that the words of the general had been able to stir up within them.

Together, they braved out of their hiding and headed straight towards the phalanx of chaos, which had already breached the gates and had begun its dance of destruction. It was almost as if the entire city had descended into battle. Their fear had given way to courage, and their inhibitions had been dissolved in a spirit of resolution. Sword against sword, spear against spear, man against man; this battle was long and lasted several days.

Yet, the inevitable had to happen. The minions of Himsasha did what they had been bred to do. The city of Cerenia, once an inspiring and beautiful sight perched peacefully on a hill, now burned and lay scarred, devoid of life.

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