Chapter 4

Now almost at the gates, the phalanx had seemingly been unperturbed by the desperate efforts of the Cerenians to fend them off. No Cerenian arrow or spear had been able to break or even intimidate the minions of Himsasha. It was almost as if they had already been cursed to fail. But had Cerenia indeed been cursed? Had it indeed been doomed to fall?

These questions were increasingly bothering the Cerenians. Some were convinced that they somehow deserved the coming annihilation for their iniquities and shortfalls. Some thought that the gods had deemed their destruction. Such was the plight of their esteem, that some Cerenian soldiers even resorted to suicide than dying at the hands of the invaders.

Amidst this inferno of intimidation, the leader of the Cerenian army too found himself cornered by questions and insinuations. As he withdrew into his quarters to get a hold on himself, he found himself getting increasingly subdued by the voice in his head spewing righteous indignation at him and his people. He desperately tried to reason with himself, but no matter how hard he tried, the voice within him continued to incessantly impugn him.

But then he gradually began to see through the facade and realized that the battle he had been fighting within himself was not with himself but in fact with an unseen yet distinct entity. He became increasingly aware of the fact that the voice that had been indicting him and his people was actually an unseen agent of discord which had in all probability been appointed by Himsasha to break his people from within.

At this, he became exceedingly indignant and said,” I can see you now, you are the one who torments the souls of my people, and makes them feeble from within. You are the one who drains them of their strength and weakens their will to live. But now I see you for who you really are and I will not listen to another word you say. Your lies can do me no harm. Not anymore!”

He then stepped out of his quarters, and gathered his people to address them, knowing in his gut that this shall probably be the last time he’d ever do so. But he wasn’t afraid anymore.

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  1. Awesome! The story makes one reflect and retrospect… I agree this voice can make or break people if one lets it.

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