Chapter 2

While the phalanx drew closer to Cerenia, the minions of Himsasha gathered infront of his throne to indulge in excess and bacchanalia. The coutroom of Himsasha was enormous and immensely chromatic, painted in hues of gold and crimson. It was illuminated by two long rows of golden lamp stands, a 100 on either side. At the end of the courtroom was the throne, the presence of which dwarfed everything else.

Upon it sat Himsasha with his goblet of gold drinking the blood of the lands he had conquered. His guttural, almost monstrous voice resonated through the hall, as he addressed his minions saying, “In an obsolete world, I am the only one who is complete. Who can oppose me? In front of me the choice of right or wrong does not hold, for what I do can never be questioned, and what I will, has always been done and shall be done forevermore.”

He then proclaimed, ” Every being is bound to me by servitude. My dominion is even above the gods. My kingship is therefore above all and my authority knows no bounds. I am in fact Zeus in the flesh, and this is my temple! Now bow down and worship me.” At this, every knee in the courtroom bowed in front of him, in complete silence and unquestioning veneration.

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