Chapter 1

As the dawn broke over the hill city of Cerenia, it wasn’t welcomed as usual. Rather this day was dreaded, as the hapless dwellers of the city awaited the terrible in anticipation. There was agitation as far and wide as the eyes could see. Beyond the golden fields of wheat, and the dark green groves, the harbingers of carnage approached.

Banners and swords were lifted high, as the sound of drums filled the air with fear. The army of Himsasha was drawing closer to the city. It was only inevitable for the Cerenians to face this day. It was but next in line to all its sisters, which had suffered the same fate.

Some called him a demon, some a god, while some thought he was a fiend from a different world. But regardless of what he was, it was known that Himsasha destroyed and devoured nations. With the aid of his mercenaries, the Phalanx of chaos, he appeased his insatiable hunger for blood and carnage. On the orders of their master, the Phalanx of chaos would destroy city after city till an entire nation was brought to its knees. They’d never take any prisoners, for their master desired no prisoners but a landscape of eradication and defilement. Such were the twisted desires of this power hungry monster!

This day, Cerenia helplessly stared at the expanding cloud of dust made by the marching horde on the horizon, as it reluctantly swallowed its anvil of remorse and disbelief that it too shall exist no more.

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  1. Hey ! good to see you guys on WordPress… keep blogging .. .

    P.S: You guys need a better template 😉

  2. Good… ! Looking forward to what happens to Himasha ..

    also , i’d like to know more about band members .. like you should introduce them to fans ..

  3. Thanks Irock!

    in the course of events, lets see what else himshasha discovers/proclaims.
    maybe he doesn’t live that long to narrate of his sane self?

    • while its obvious many would be begging to know the insides of his skull, it only remains to be seen what course of action the world around him takes…are his past actions so diabolic and shocking that one just feels like putting him across onto some narcotic test bed or something to extract the beast of a soul hidden inside and ASK why the fuck he is as he is (and hence no harm comes on to him) or are his future actions predicted to be so repulsively destructive that no one wants to see anymore of him…

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